Social Media Fake Accounts

Black Hat SEO – Flooding the Internet with fake accounts

In an attempt to amplify again the defamation due to the non-effectiveness of the first one the perpetrators are creating hundreds of fake accounts on twitter in an attempt to flood the twitter platform and interact between the fake accounts to demonstrate that what’s written on their fake websites is real, in other words to play the roles of people mentioned in the fabricated stories, since organically it was not successful.

However, we are identifying each step they are making so readers don’t get confused.

For example, they have created several accounts claiming to be Lebanese citizens in order to tag the US Embassy in Beirut, politicians and leading media figures while on the other hand they have created other accounts claiming to be Europeans and US citizens to tag our business partners. They even got to a point to create fake twitter accounts claiming to be US army officers and government officials in order to interact with each other’s. It’s all a part of a massive manipulation and desperate attempt to convince the audience that what is fake is real.